House rules Villa Cipreses

  • Animals are not allowed, with the exception of companion animals for people with a motor, hearing or visual impairment. This must be arranged with the owner in advance.

  • Water and electricity consumption are included in the rent.

  • Internet is available in the house. The use of internet during the rental period is entirely the tenant’s responsibility. All internet traffic is registered on our IP address. Illegal downloading is prohibited.

  • A fixed sum of 150 euros will be charged for the final cleaning. In addition the Villa should be left tidy and all household rubbish must be in closed plastic bags. Should extra cleaning be required to return the Villa to the same level of cleanliness the tenants encountered upon arrival, this extra expense will be deducted from the deposit.

  • To avoid attracting pests in this warm region, keep rubbish sealed in the grey plastic bags which can be found in the house  Please dispose of these regularly, in the containers called “punto limpio” to be found at the roundabout when entering Canillas de Aceituno. The glass containers are also located there. This can be done 24/ 7 and is free of charge.

  • Bed, bath and kitchen linen is provided in the house. Please use the beach towels when outdoors around the pool. You will need your own beach towels for the beach.

  • There is a dishwasher and washing machine, both with instruction manuals, in the house.

  • Kitchen utensils must be cleaned and put back in an orderly manner. If there is damage or breakage please report this to the key holder.

  • Oil or grease residue must never be poured into the sink or between the plants.

  • The barbecue in the outdoor kitchen is connected to a gas tank. Please refer to the user’s instruction before use. Afterwards, the BBQ, baking plates and grills need to be cleaned.

  • The cars should be parked in the driveway, not in the road.

  • The house is equipped for max. 7 adults and 2 small children. The number of people occupying the property may not exceed the number stated in the contract, unless prior consent has been given by the owner. If upon arrival to the Villa it appears there are more people than stated in the contract, the owner/key holder has the right to ask for an additional charge or to refuse to rent.

  • The house may never be sublet. If you rent the house for a certain period, it is assumed that you will use the house during that entire period. Splitting up a holiday period with a second party is not allowed.

  • Each contract is valid for the specific period stated. The tenant is not entitled to the holiday home outside this time period.

  • All objects present in the house remain the property of the landlord.

  • Tenants will find the Villa clean and orderly upon arrival and must ensure the Villa is in the same condition when departing. In the event of negligence or vandalism, the cost of the damage will be passed on to the tenant.

  • Towels are changed every three days, sheets every other week.

  • If something is not in order upon arrival or during your stay, the key holder must be informed immediately.  Failure to do this means the owner may hold you responsible for the damage and deduct the amount from the deposit.

  • We accept no liability towards the tenants for:

    • physical injuries that happen to you in the house, the swimming pool or the outdoor area of the holiday home.

    • material damage to your belongings during the stay.

    • theft of your goods during your stay.

    • power failure or not being supplied by city water (there is a large supply of water in the water tanks. 

  • The owners are authorised to end any rental agreement without reimbursement should the tenants clearly be disrespectful of the Villa or do not comply with the rules of good neighbourly conduct. 

    • The Villa is a family friendly home.  Should your intention be to host a large party that might cause noise or traffic hinderance for the surrounding houses, you will need to find a different location. Please take this into account when booking. We ask that you respect our neighbours rights.
  • The owner/key holder is obliged to respect the privacy of the tenant. However, the owner/key holder can enter the property for the maintenance of the pool, garden and terraces or in case of reported problems. Of course, this is preferably done in mutual consultation.

  • The house will be available from 4 pm on the first day of the rental. The house must be vacated at the latest by 10 am on the last day of the rental.

  • Please always inform the key holder in advance of the time of arrival (by phone or email, 1 week before arrival). This will allow the key holder to make arrangements to meet the tenant and hand over the keys.

  • When leaving the house during your stay, the windows, doors and rejas (grillwork) must always be locked. The entrance gate must be closed and locked as well.

  • When leaving the house at the end of the stay, the key needs to be handed over to the key holder or left at an agreed location, in consultation with the key holder. The house must be left completely locked. The gate is closed, not locked.

Cancellation conditions

  • Should the tenant cancel the reservation, for any reason, up to 22 days before the arrival date the full rental amount will be refunded excluding the deposit (€950).  
  • In case of cancellation within 21 days before the start of the contract (the 21st day is included), the total sum of the stay will be forfeited. Only the deposit (€950) will be returned.

  • After a stay, the Tenant’s deposit will be returned within one week after your stay, unless there are deductions for damages or extra cleaning. Any and all damage which occurs during a stay will be documented and conveyed in writing or by e-mail to the person responsible for the booking. That person is also responsible for full compensation for any damage.

  • The key will be handed over to the key holder personally upon departure or will be left at the agreed place. If the key is lost, 60 euros per key (security keys) will be deducted from the deposit (950 euros).

  • The owners recommend that tenants take out cancellation insurance.

  • All outdoor cushions  must be placed inside or in the designated covered storage space in stormy and rainy weather as well as when you leave the house.

Information and address details will be provided after the booking has been completed.


Fire safety and emergency procedures

  • The household fire regulations should be reviewed upon arrival at The Villa.

  • There is a map in the entrance hall showing the location of fire detectors, fire extinguishers and emergency exits.

  • There is a first aid kit in The Villa.

  • Smoking is not allowed inside The Villa. If you smoke outside, make sure to use the ash trays provided. It can be very dry in the summer so be extremely careful in extinguishing cigarettes.

  • There is no landline telephone in The Villa. It is therefore recommended to have a mobile phone with you. A list of necessary and useful telephone numbers is displayed in the hall.

  • Storing fireworks in The Villa and lighting fireworks around The Villa is strictly prohibited.

  • Lighting candles in The Villa or on the terraces is not allowed. Tea lights used in the appropriate holders, which are plentiful, are allowed.